Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some More Bright Sounds From Ska's Third Wave (RADIO BLOGCAST #14)

I remember when I first got the pile of these third wave ska compilation albums I ordered from a good friend from California, I was as excited as a boy opening a gift on Christmas eve. Its was mid 90s when I started collecting these albums from Jump Up! recording artists. Chicago's top ska bands have been very healthy for years when it comes to musical contributions on the ska scene. With Third Wave and Punk-Ska as the main order of the day, Jump Up! Records with its recording artists such as Greenhouse, The Eclectics, Skapone, Telegraph and many others leading the way, A truckload of records, albums and compilations have been produced since the mid 90s. Throw in more punk ska and you've got the whole deal! Jump Up's profile as a top U.S. ska label continues to rule, after a small elite with MOON SKA NYC, and ASIAN MANJump Up! exposes the best and newest ska talent in the middle of the U.S. and puts them in one great place! And became a whole new experience during those days..

I was surprised to see another hotbed in ska deep in the heart of Orange County, where you can find Vegas Records, which boosted up a great idea such as the "Hey Brother Can you Spare Some Ska?," compilation series. The first "cheap-o ska" compilation anywhere. Packed with great tracks from some hot ska bands across the country (but mostly in Southern California), you will find something you like on these compilations, Im sure. A really good song to check out here is Undercover S.K.A.'s up tempo, third wave ska track entitled "March Slob." The horns are exceptional, and the guitar will make you pick up your feet and dance. Neighbors used to cover this beautifully blended track. Very nicely done.

This week's choice tracks are a mix of everything from amazing swingy 2-Tone influenced ska with bizarre lyrics, to big bright horns, & peppy tempos that will surely keep your feet moving! Bright sounds from ska's third wave, this playlist will appeal to fans of hilarious jumpy ska twists and fun-loving rude boy ska melodies made by your good ole boys and girls from this side of town.


Radio Blogcast #14

Stuff - MU330
Doesnt Make It Alright - The Specials
Sole Salvation - The English Beat
Shot My Boss - Cousin Oliver
My Decision - The Planet Smashers
Silly Of Me - Telegraph
Delirium - The Skeletones
Jungle - Red Session
Jitterbug - Greenhouse
822 Anywhere - Greenhouse
Agent 13 - Undercover S.K.A.
So Much - The Impossibles
Samantha Clench - Skapone
Dave & Mary - The Hotknives
I Wanna Riot - Rancid
The Godfather - The Trojans
Dust of Death - The Hotknives
My Own Life - Long Beach Dub All Stars
Now Or Never - The Toasters
Twisted Lead Hole - Attaboy Skip
Big Brother - Mad Caddies
Box -The Eclectics
Primaries - Swingtones
Another Kind - My Superhero
Time - Afrodisiac
It's You - The Specials
Night Before - The Pietasters
Don Quixote - Cherry Poppin Daddies
March Slob - Undercover S.K.A.
More Today Than Yesterday - Goldfinger


Friday, September 19, 2008

Mosh, Skank, Stage-dive, Whatever. Dance the fuck however you feel like. (Radio Blogcast #13)

Call it Third Wave, call it Hodge-Podge, its still on the same page and the essence is still there. But I have noticed as the last quarter of the 90s came to a close, there are many good ska bands broke up or, as it turned out to be more damaging to the movement, lessened the amount of ska in their sound, bringing forth more mainstream-friendly pop. While there are still many excellent ska bands out there with the same passion for the music, the Third Wave scene is evolving fast and can now be told as we await whatever the next generation of ska will send our way. Its still good to know some 80s bands like The Bosstones are still strong in laying much of the groundwork for the third wave scene. I have included mostly Third Wave tracks for Blogcast#13. So you can mosh, skank, stage-dive, whatever. Dance the fuck however you feel like. You know the drill.


Blogcast #13

Out of control - The Honeymooners
Wake up late - Slightly Stoopid
Teen idol - Pharmaceutical Bandits
Time bomb - Rancid
Half Ounce - Big Youth
Club sex - Warsaw
Buried alive - Dance Hall Crashers
No face - Suicide Machines
Son of dick - Less Than Jake
Girls dont like it - The Trojans
Healthy body - Jeffries Fan Club
Pictures - Goldfinger
Bad attitude - Unsteady
Turn it around - Link 80
Sheila - The Burial
Skinhead Revolt - Joe The Boss
Sliced tomatoes - Just Bros
When will i learn - The Hippos
True Confession - The Silvertones
Suburban rhythm - Reel Big Fish
Little leash - The Mudsharks
Turtle soup - Mephiskapheles
Satta Massagana - The Abyssinians


Friday, September 12, 2008

Cant get enough of that Upright Bass! (Radio Blogcast #12)

As I listen to Bembol Rockers, I just cant get enough of the hypnotic and rhythmic pounding sound of that stand-up bass! So heres more Rockabilly and Psychobilly tracks to satisfy our cravings! After all, its still in the family tree!


Radio Blogcast #12

Loan Shark - Guana Batz
Liquor Store - 7 Shot Screamers
Rockin' Cats - The Quakes
Hot Rod to Hell - The Spectres
Goo Goo Muck - The Cramps
Death's Deputy - Milwaukee Wildmen
Overload - The Termites
For A Few Burgers More - The Coffin Nails
See Through - Guana Batz
Grave Robber - The Sharks
Bambooland - Batmobile
Dance With The Dead - Sugar Puff Demons
Shadow Crypt - Demented Are Go
Ghostfire - Tiger Army
Munsterz - Hayride to Hell
Momma Kurt - King Kurt
19 Sisco Place - TR6
Wooly Bully - The Highliners
Wider Road To Hell - Frantic Flintstones


Monday, September 8, 2008

ROCKABILLY HANGOVER! (Radio Blogcast #11)

Local Rockabilly bandits Bembol Rockers just launched their debut album last Saturday, September 6, '08 at Eastwood City. I was able to grab a copy of the album and have it signed too! The album cover is nicely done and brilliantly designed as it sets your mood for a good vintage treat.

The 11-track CD fizzes a unique and fun mix of rockabilly, jump blues, swing, doo-wop, and latin, Fired up by its carrier single, "Boogie Mo." They really hit the spot in having a healthy musical diversity and in making you relive the good ol' days. Go get a copy of their album, entitled "The Fabulous Bembol Rockers," and it will surely make you dance!

You may also visit their multiply site here and their website here for more infos about their gigs and whereabouts.

With my rockabilly hangover, I have included some rockabilly cover tunes here (mostly Clash songs) for you to dance and listen to. And also with all that tasty ska, soul and reggae favorites!



Boogie Mo - The Bembol Rockers
Westbound Train - Dennis Brown
Should I Stay Or Should I Go - Long Tall Texans
Jimmy Jazz - Frantic Flintstones
Know Your Rights - The Caravans
Janie Jones - Farrell Brothers
Shelter - General Rudie
Yard Broom - Rolando Alphonso
Guns Of Brixton - Rancho Deluxe
Police Woman - The Skatalites
Guns of Brixton - Honeydippers
Jail Guitar Doors - Caravans
If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time - Vernon Garrett
Black Gunn - The Expos
Train In Vain - Sabrejets
Career Opportunities - Farrell Brothers
Bank Robber - Pistoleers
I'm So Bored With The USA - XX Cortez
Capitol Radio - Hyperjax
Move On - The Soul Captives
Crying Shame - Madness
Acupulco Gold - Sly and The Revolutionaries
Fun At King King - Jump With Joey
Brand New Cadilac - Accelerators
What's My Name - Charles Napiers
Racist Friend - The Special A.K.A.
One More Trip - Deal's Gone Bad
I Will Live - Rx Bandits
Living in the Footsteps - Delroy Wilson
Drink The Money Don't Go - See Spot