Monday, February 15, 2010


This interesting and generally quite valuable 24-track collection pays richly deserved tribute to Theophilous Beckford, a keyboardist, singer, songwriter, and producer who exerted a significant influence on the development of ska and rocksteady in 1960s Jamaica. His name is not as famous among modern audiences as those of Coxsone Dodd, Duke Reid or Lloyd Daley, but his heavily blues and R&B-based songs were very popular in Kingston and his studio and instrumental skills were in heavy demand. The best tracks on this compilation are, in fact, those that feature Beckford himself singing his own compositions in a smooth, refined style -- note in particular the gently sung but lyrically brutal "Mr. Down Pressor," a not very subtle stab at Beckford's former boss, Coxsone Dodd. Other fine tracks include "Old Flame," which features the vocal talents of one Frederick Hibbertt (who would later perform under the name Toots, as leader of The Maytals) and two early tracks by Basil Gabidon(who would later be one of the founding members of the legendary British reggae band Steel Pulse). Less inspiring are the harmonica stylings of Charlie Organaire and two rather amateurish efforts by The Charmers.
The blues and R&B based tracks are ska in its earliest form - soon after The Skatalites came along and everything became more different and technical at the same time but that's a different story. Taken as a whole, though, this is an enjoyable and valuable document of the work of one of reggae's forgotten heroes.

01. The Carmers - I´ll be there
02. The Carmers - You are the one
03. Frederik Hibbert - Old flame
04. Charlie Organaire - Go home
05. Winstom Samuels - I´m so glad
06. Winstom Samuels - She´s gone
07. Shenley Duffus & Annete Clarke - Don´t worry to cry
08. Theo Beckford - Now that you´re dead
09. Karl Walker - But officer
10. Lloyd Clarke - I love you most of all
11. Lloyd Clarke - Oh what a love
12. Karl Walker - Riding the crown
13. Lloyd Clarke - Love me or leave me
14. Basil Gabbidon - You got rich
15. Basil Gabbidon - Jamaica is mine
16. Theo Beckford - Trojan battlefield
17. Charlie Organaire - Merry twist (boogie)
18.: Unknown vocalist - Drink rum
19. Theo Beckford & The King Pioneer allstars - Naked Earth
20. Theo Beckford - Mr Down Presser
21. Theo Beckford - Snappin is Back
22. Theo Beckford & the king pioneer allstars - True musical
23. Chenley Duffus - Saturday Night Boogie
24.: Karl Walker & The Pioneer King Allstar Fight the battle

Sunday, February 14, 2010


First, a little background on our featured artist for today Scottish DJ Keb Darge. He is Possibly the most famous DJ of the genre mentioned and holds a legendary status among his peers, in the Northern Soul and Funk scene in the UK and the person credited for the genre of "Deep Funk".

He began his career joining disco dance competitions in Northern Scotland and was a regular dancer on Wigan Casino on their regular Northern Soul All Nighters. Soon after, he was spinning 45s at Wigan right beside the casino and around Scotland. He moved to London at age 22 and left his DJ life to start as a regular joe in London. Music promoters approached and asked him to play sets and get back to DJing. He obliged and helped push the Northern Soul scene in England.

After a while he sold off most of his Norther Soul records after a divorce in 1987 although there were still records that he considered as "junk music" that he purchased in the US in search of obscure and rare soul and R&B music which, in time will be christened as "Deep Funk".

He met fellow funk collector and latin percussionist Matt Cotgrove aka "Snowboy" between 1992-93 in London. Keb and Snowboy decided to put up their own "deep funk" night in an old reataurant but failed after a few months because of the rising popularity of "House Music" in the UK at the time. Well, shortly after that they were able to hold a weekly residency in a strip club called Madame Jojo's at the Soho district of London and soon after closed down their strip nights and becoming a full fledged music club. Today Keb still holds his funk nights every Friday called the "Legendary Deep Funk". He has also released several compilations of deep funk tracks through BBE Records most notably "Funk Spectrum" and "Keb Darge's Deep Funk" compilations. He has also released another compilation with "The Modfather" Paul Weller called - Lost and Found: Real R&B and Soul.

And now, Keb Darge is back in the country to spread the gospel of Funk, Northern and Rock-a-billy in to our shores again. The Event will be held at Marben and Myra Romero's club TEN02 Bar and Resto on the 25th of April featuring the local and rockin' sounds of Bembol Rockers and Pusakal and Soul pushers Juan Pablo dream. Presented by Bisikleta Productions, Rookie Records and Soundblasters. Dress sharp, leave your politics behind and dance to this!

(official poster for the event)

This is one volume of Keb's compilation for your musical enjoyment.

01. The Golden Toadstools - Silly Savage
B O Junior - Coffe Pot
T J And Teh Group - Blues For The Bs
James Polk And The Brothers - Power Struggle
Aalon Butler And The New Breed - Gettin Soul
Googie Rene - Firebird
The Fabulous Firebird - Psycho
Carleen And The Groovers - Can We Rap
Ricky Calloway And His Nt Express - Get It Right
Billy Paul And The Upsetters - Sissy Walk
Leon Gardner - Natural
Bad Medicine - Trespasser
Rappers - Krunchberry Beast
Joe Washington - Blueberry Hill
Society - Society
The Blenders - You Got It All
Beverly Crosby - That Didnt Stop Me
Harris And Orr - Spread Love
Ramsey And Co - Love Call
Sons Of The Kingdom - Modernization