Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Another request from our good friends and former bandmates Wam Molina and Lawrence Intalan, "Hepcat -Live in Chicago". Hepcat's in excellent form and is one of the best and authentic band that had emerged from the American ska scene. Formed in 1989 in Los Angeles, California - this band's sound is way different from mostly 2Tone sounding and distortion oriented ska punk that dominated the States during that time. They are more akeen to the original sound of Jamaica with soulful vocals, flavors of early R&B, playing ska and rocksteady musically and technically superior that will make The Skatalites proud.

1. Train to Skaville
02. Nigel
03. Can't Wait
04. Rudies all around
05. Hooligans
06. No Worries
07. The fool
08. Goodbye Street
09. Earthquake and Fire
10. Dance Wid Me
11. Tommy song
12. Same o same o
13. The Secret
14. Bobby and Joe
15. Jonh James
16. Clarence Thomas
17. Artebella
18. Marcus Garvey

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Another request from our friend and Neighbors guitarist Lawrence - A wonderful compilation of the British funk band The James Taylor Quartet. One of the best band around, good pop sound, funky hammond and good vibes all together. This was the first acid jazz cd I bought many years ago. There were other two acid jazz years compilation that came out, one is for Mother Earth and the other one was Corduroy. There were hammond riffs and instrumentals by The style Council courtesy of Mick Talbot but JTQ provided my first hammond organ fix and then puchased another compilation by the originator Jimmy Smith released by Verve. So get in the groove, on the dance floor or your living room and play that fuzzy music!


Thursday, July 16, 2009



A light treat of home melodrama, bad hair-pieces, politely-twanged guitar, cheap strings, horns, organ, latin percussion and some cheesy backing vocals. Great background music while waxing your scooter!

The Mike Flower Pops - A Groovy Place

A Groovy Place
The In Crowd
Light My Fire
Please Release Me
Venus As A Boy
Crusty Girl
The Velvet Underground Medley

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This will happen 2 days from now and also this is the time that you wish you're not in this side of the world. I hope someone make a bootleg of this awesome concert.


Hello folks, today we will share some rare recording of the 80's mod revival scene. This is a pre Tears for Fears outfit of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith-Graduate in 1980. I must say that this album is pretty decent. With the mod revivalist bands that I've heard so far, thay are clearly influenced heavily by The Jam, I don't see anything wrong with it but mostly these bands tend to sound like The Jam in every aspect - the guitar riffs, the drum solos and the angst that comes with it are Welleresque. Don't get me wrong I'm a big Jam and Paul Weller fan.
Graduate songs are mostly pop in a good sense, I like to call it smart pop. There are a couple of ska tracks in the 2Tone vein thrown in (Elvis should Play Ska) and some slow songs like (No Second Troy). Tracks that I like are "Julie, Julie", "Ambition", "Christ Look Upon Us" and "Act My Age". The difference with this band with their contemporaries is their sound - they don't sound like The Jam or any other music associated with the Mod scene (60s Soul and R&B and garage) which is a good thing. Pop but not too cheesy or diabetically sweet catchy melody and good musicianship. You can sense that they are not trying hard to be someone they are not. Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith quit in 1981 and formed Tears for Fears. Listen to this and the album "Songs from the Big Chair" and somehow you'll notice that there are some similarities in some songs of the two bands and then you'll realize that Graduate made sense. Enjoy.

Steve Buck - keyboards and flutist
Andy Marsden - drums
Roland Orzabal - guitar and keyboards
Curt Smith - bass and synthesizers

01 Acting My Age
02 Sick And Tired
03 Ever Met A Day
04 Dancing Nights
05 Shut Up
06 Elvis Should Play Ska
07 Watching Your World
08 Love That Is Bad
09 Julie Julie
10 Bad Dreams
11 Ambition
12 I See Through You
13 Premature Baby
14 Christ Look Upon Us
15 Oh U Boys
16 Only The Best
17 Think Of Me
18 Happens So Fast
19 No Second Troy (Alias Sam)


Thursday, July 9, 2009


Finally, have a copy of this band's initial release after 5 years. Man that was a long time. Frank Popp Ensemble was a studio side project of the German DJ Frank Popp. A couple of successful singles were released and the the band became a reality on 2001 and released their debut album "Ride On". Their second release "Touch and Go" is another favorite and was posted here last April. Heavily influenced by organ heavy go-go soul of the 60's and the 70's with a dose of smart pop and other mod blenders, this is a must and an all season soundtrack for everyone. Listen to it loud and enjoy the all mod cons.
Love is on our side
You've Been Gone Too Long
Break Away
Belly Bossanova
High Voltage

Hip Teens Dont Wear Blue Jeans
Mullet King Hurry Up!
Goo Goo Muck
The Thing Demands
Robbie, Tobbie & Das
The Catwalk


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hello folks, this particular post is long overdue. It should have followed right after I posted the Specials' set at Glastonbury. Obviously this Madness set is taken from the BBC Radio 4 broadcast on the last day of the festival, Sunday June 28. You could hear the Nutty Boys singing "It Must Be Love" on the background while the field DJ is reporting all the happening on the said festival. This set has almost all of the Madness favorites including two song from their new album " The Liberty of Norton Folgate" namely Clerkenwell Polka and Stay Forever Young. Finely recorded set, everything was clear and full with additional horn players on the line up.

This band has never failed to amaze me every time I listen to them, you could feel the energy jumping out of your stereo or sound system whichever the case may be and the people watching are clearly having the best time of their lives.Their last song "Night boat to Cairo" is like a tidal wave crashing on you! It's massive! Old fans and to the newly converted and to the young ones - Madness is here to stay. Salute. PLAY THIS LOUD!!!

1.Clerkenwell Polka
2.Bed & Breakfast Man
3.Shut Up
4.Forever Young
5.House Of Fun
6.Wings Of A Dove
7.Baggy Trousers
8.Our House
9.It Must Be Love
11.Night Boat


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The Specials are back after 30 years playing live at the recently concluded Glastonbury Music Festival. The Festival was held from June 26 Friday up to June 28 Sunday There have been in between line ups and releases with the other members of Specials but the original line up is what matters most especially now that Terry Hall is back together with John Bradbury and Horace Panter. The only one missing is the man that started everything - Jerry Dammers. Jerry is doing the rounds of the DJ scene and is busy with his other band The Spatial AKA, rumors has it that Jerry is not that happy with the reunion of the band and said that he was cheated. Terry said that the doors are open for him but Horace would rather not talk about it as I remember after watching them on The Jools Holland Show. Well, they have their reasons lets just leave it as it is for now. I was listening to them last night through internet radio at the BBC Radio 6 Glastonbury highlights, man it gave me goosebumps hearing them at their best after all these years. They are fucking good!!!

They played all the songs that we knew from the start and sounded as The Specials should sound like if you get my drift. Everything was awesome, the recording was good and the reception was off the roof. I wish I was there. Their lyrics are still relevant today, do you feel a 2Tone resurgence in the air? Madness is still going strong with a new album and sold out concerts, Bad Manners as well doing the rounds and The Beat. Pauline Black and Ranking Roger are still active in the music scene. Let's wait and see. I hope Paul Weller will do the same with The Jam.

The Specials played on the first day of the festival and as one of the headliners of that day together with Neil Young and Lily Allen. It's the full 58 minute set of the band though there are no track separation on this one. So Once again let's hear it from the 2Tone originators - The Specials.

1. Do The Dog
2. Gangsters
3. It's Up To You
4. Rat Race
5. Monkey Man
6. Blank Expression
7. Too Hot
8. Doesn't Make It Alright
9. Concrete Jungle
10. Friday Night, Saturday Morning
11. Man At C&A
12. A Message To You Rudy
13. Do Nothing
14. Hey Little Rich Girl
15.Little Bitch
16. Nite Klub
17. Too Much Too Young
18. You're Wondering Now
19. Ghost Town