Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We are the Mods!!!

One of the essentials being in the scene or lifestyle. We're bringing you the movie soundtrack of "Quadrophenia" starring Phil Daniels and directed by Franc Roddam. The movie is based on The Who's Rock opera and sixth album release. The movie is about Jimmy Cooper aka "Jimmy the Mod' during the 60's Mod World and the intense rivalry with another youth subculture " The Rockers". I think most of you have seen the movie many times because I do. I have a anniversary dvd of the movie sent by my cousin from California 4 or 5 years ago. It was remastered, everything was more clear and the bonus features are awesome especially the interview part of Sting of The Police talking about his Vespa GS that he used and him being the Ace Face in the movie. The movie also helped in reviving the Mod movement in '79 and regaining the interest in scootering in England in time with the 2Tone movement that was focused on ska.

(some snippets of the film)

(mods and rockers clash during the 60s)

You know what to do. Enjoy and play it loud!!!

>Quadrophenia Soundtrack<

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Fresh from the Hellcat shelf! The Aggrolites’ 4th full-length album “The Aggrolites IV” is here! A follow-up to the brilliant “Reggae Hit L.A.” album. This mighty Aggro reggae band have compiled a generous 21-song treat of funky, reggae and soul music that will make you want to dance and boogie all night long!

With Jesse Wagner's amazing voice blending seamlessly with their Soul, Motown, 70’s funk and the old Jamaican rocksteady sound plus a winning combo of lo-fi, "glorified mono" sound makes you feel like you’re listening to one of your Dad’s old dusty record! This album gets better and better with each listen. Aggrolites fans will really enjoy this. Cheers!

The Aggrolites IV


2. What A Complex
3. Wild Time
4. Feelin' Alright
5. The Sufferer
6. It's Time To Go
7. By Her Side
8. Brother Jacob
9. Musically On Top
10. Reggae Summertime
11. Ever Want To Try
12. Keep Moving On
13. Tear That Falls
14. Gotta Find Someone Better
15. Lick It Up
16. The Least I Could Do
17. Runnin' Strong
18. Precious And Few
19. Tonight
20. Soul Gathering
21. It's Gonna Be Ok


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


There's no question, Cocojam indoctrinated us the basics of local roots, rock and reggae. With an assembly of pinoy rock legends a local reggae band has ever had, Cocojam truly is a musical powerhouse! The band line up includes: Rolly Maligad on vocals and guitar, Jun Lopito and Noli Aurillo on guitars, Edmund Fortuno (commonly known as "Bosyo") on drums, Rico Velez on bass and Ike Bernardino on keyboards.

I remember my college days as they play at Mayric's, (now named Sazi's). A small hot place where everyone rub against everyone else's sticky, sweaty bodies. With Rolly's voice having all the right qualities to deliver the message in exactly the right way, they literally shook the place. Mayric's was just very small then and most people still wonder how bands managed to tuck themselves in on that small corner stage. Those who have been lucky enough to witness Cocojam perform in the late 80's to mid-90s would agree with me with their unforgettable and magnetic musical mastery.

This album ("Lakambini") was released under Viva-RJ in 1992 and reaped an Awit Awards nomination for Best New Recording Group. I got my album copy on a cassete tape format then. And now luckily, I was able to connect my deck to my computer, rip the songs and convert it (and most of my 20-year old dusty music cassette tapes not available on Cd) to mp3 and for that, I raise my glass for being acquainted with the wonders of technology! Their second album simply titled "Cocojam" was released in 1996 under Neo Records. A compilation of all original songs with music and lyrics by Cocojam point man, Rolly Maligad.

Most of the Cocojam members have now moved on to other affairs of their own. Jun Lopito now has his own thing going and is widely hailed as one of the Philippines' best rock guitarists. (I remember one of my high school and college buddy Philip as a sessionist guitar player at Mayric's during those years and was lucky enough to play and jam with Jun Lopito on his regular gigs there). And so as Noli Aurillo, now playing solo jam nights with his jazzy guitar solo performances around the metro and still as sharp as ever in sweep picking. Edmund passed away in 2000, and Rico Velez no longer plays bass because it was said he was hindered by stroke.

It is literally very very hard to find a Cocojam album these days, and I believe this one will be listed together with all other classics thats been sadly out of print. But with this, let's spread that sweet, tacky and gummy sound of Cocojam!

Cheers and enjoy!


1. Dinamayan
2. Hangin At Tala
3. Ilaw
4. Gumulong Ng Gumulong
5. Palay
6. Ulap
7. Lakambini
8. Tagay
9. Batang Maynila

Monday, June 8, 2009

After six years, they're back doing what they do best!

Just out this June! "Let The Dominoes Fall" is the album that marks the return of the best Punk Rock and Ska band from California formed by Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, Matt Freeman, and Branden Steineckert. This album proves that rancid remains the same and true to their roots. This seventh album plays more as uninspired musical banter than punk-like gusto. Features nineteen new songs, all written by Rancid. Special guest and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Booker T contributes Hammond B3 organ on one track, "Up To No Good." 

Available now at Machetemfg.com - Order the enhanced boxset and get the 3-disc set, t-shirt, bandana, guitar picks, 3 posters, a sticker, and a roots radicals cd single. Or wait 'til it gets here locally. Buy the original Cd folks! I tell ya, its worth it. There's nothing like the real thing!


1. East Bay Night
2. This Place
3. Up To No Good
4. Last One To Die
5. Disconnected
6. I Ain’t Worried
7. Damnation
8. New Orleans
9. Civilian Ways
10. The Bravest Kids
11. Skull City
12. L.A. River
13. Lulu
14. Dominoes Fall
15. Liberty and Freedom
16. You Want It, You Got It
17. Locomotive
18. That’s Just The Way It Is Now
19. The Highway

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Clash on Broadway Interviews

I just turned 32 last week. Family and friends greeted me first thing in the morning, well actually me and my elder brother share the same birthday - June 2. His friends are my friends, my friends are his friends so there is somewhat of a crossover among friends, just like marvel heroes crossing over to the dc universe or vice versa. my friends have been texting me the whole day if I'll be celebrating my birthday same thing every year - by drinking to death. I told i don't have any money since I don't have a job as of the moment, been a bum for 3 months now hehehe. Some of 'em told me that I don't have to worry about the alcohol, they'll take care of it. well I said ok. Unfortunately the weather was bad as a hell, so nobody came. I just told them we'll just re-schedule. So here I am, drinking a bottle of Heineken and 2 bottles of San Miguel Premium waiting on the freezer while making entries on this blog.
I first heard of The Clash and The Sex Pistols when I was I 4th grade, an older friend of mine introduced me to punk rock back in '87. He gave me 5 cassette tapes to listen to and this compilation really got me into punk rock, it was titled "Class of '77", I'm not quite sure if this is a legit release or a mix tape of sorts.
We'll share you interviews of The Clash about their well known songs, their philosophy and their political beliefs. The only band that matters - The Clash!