Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another reason to party! This is the annual Vespa Club of the Philippines Grand Eyeball.  Fun, food, friends,  scooters, music, prizes and lots of beer! Let's get it on!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MOYG : Everything In Between

This post is long overdue.MOYG is one of the best punk band in Manila. The band started out as a punk-ska outfit during the golden days of Pinoy ska in Manila during the 90's. There were only 2  bands that  I remember and liked during its resurgence that were able to pull off the punk and ska hybrid - they were the 3 piece punk rockers "Toilet Skandal" and the 7 piece of a then ska band  "MOYG". The Manila ska scene was more into 2Tone and 60's Jamaican stuff back then and when these two bands came around,  the scene became more flavorful and energetic.

MOYG released their independent cd as a 4 piece punk band, I forgot what year it was. Below is an interview I made with the band's vocalist and good friend Karlo Estrada. Karlo is also one of our featured DJ on our Soundblasters internet radio show.  He is  now based in Singapore with his fiance Natalie Munsayac. It's in tagalog and unedited. The essence of the interview will be lost in translation thus I left it as it is. 

Man, what's the meaning of MOYG?

walang ibig sabihin eh...pauso lang sha. Padeep ganun hehe or pacool...basta pauso ni lyle.

When did you start?

Nung 90s siguro after high school, sa una kaming tatlo ni roy and lyle...nagsubok kami mag motown like otis redding, mga frank sinatra, james brown, commitments, etc. , or kahit ano lang matugtog punk, rage against the machine, sublime, skankin pickle, goldfinger. Then si lyle may kilala sa UP barracks ng mga horn players. So ayun nag ska punk kami...covering shits from Reelbigfish, goldfinger, specials, and nagsubok kami gumawa ng mga originals, sayang din dahil di namin narecord. Then nagshowband ung iba naming horns, si tae napunta sa Philharmonic, si turike naging pulis, si jess nasa showband padin ata, si rastem nag sago, coffee break then ayun nasa china na. We had many generation of horns, like Mon, dennis. So ayun may priorities ng iba ung horns, naging punk rock nalang tugtugan namin. para madali lang. then maraming kaming naging drummers like Mon, cute na cute na si Brutus, si leo, Dennis trillo, si tristan hanggang nauwi kami sa pinakamagaling at pinakacute na drummer na si kurt. 

Sino founder?

kaming tatlo ni roy at si lyle

sino mga influences at inspiration nyo sa music?
si lyle mahilig sa mga paweird, shit like primus. si roy mahilig sa smashing pumpkins, redhot, goldfinger, greenday, bigtime fan of skidrow, mga blues, then ako masopen ako music francism, asin, jerks, grupong pendong, neighbors, put3ska and mga smooth jazz. maraming skapunks and punks like nofx, lagwagon, facetoface, nouseforaname, bodyjar, nomotiv, at napakarami pang iba from Andrew Bird to Burzum.

what made you decide to start a band? i remember that you started out as a punk-ska band then nung bandang huli todo punk na, ano yung mga factor na naka tulong sa transition?-
love for music, honest feelings, political man or matters of the heart, age issues, life responsibilities and weight gain. 

although hindi naman ganon kabigat yung transition kasi as is see it, moyg is a punk band with horns in the early days. i've listened to your 2 latest demos...any plans in the future? reunion gigs ulit?
So ayun nagbabalak kaming gumawa ng EP. We have few demo songs. So paguwi eh irerecord namin. Baka we’re going to have a gig etong December. Update nalang kita kung saan. Inom naren tayo and catching up...

meron ba kayo mga record nung mga early days ng banda?
wala eh....puro memories lang and regrets

You Know the Drill. PLAY IT LOUD!!!

  1. Fallout
  2. Not Getting Any
  3. Apology
  4. Wise Ass
  5. Wait Until Dark
  6. Narrow
  7. Our Wounded Collective Soul, The Soothing, Balm of Laughter
  8. Unlearn
  9. Insider
  10. Fried Brain
  11. Place to Stay
  12. Born To Chill