Sunday, March 22, 2009

Summer Sunsplash!!! (Radio Blogcast # 21)

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Summer is officially here. You can feel the scorching heat everywhere you go, what ever you do you'll sweat. Even if your standing still or just staying put, you'll sweat like a boxer. Well, enough of the rants, Soundblasters will pound your ears with the best music this summer!
As far as i'm concerned, this is one of the best season to do everything. No rain or storms to dampen our spirits, it's also one reason to stack up some brewskies on a big cooler, grill some food, set up your own pool on the front yard, have your music ready and call up your friends and party! If your financially challenged, this is one way to go my friend. If you have the means to go further that your front yard then do it. Go out and play. Give the kids some time off, let them enjoy their summer. Take out some time off from work, leave your paperworks at the office this weekend and then pick up your girlfriend, wife and kids, your dog and have a fucking weekend. Go mountain climbing, pick up your scooter or sport bike and ride till your butt hurts, go wakeboarding, snorkle, diving, go surfing, smoke one giant spliff or go fuck a goat or whatever. Have some fun and loosen up, leave your worries behind man!

You see, we have some of the best beaches and world class surf destinations and let Soundblasters provide you with the right soundtrack for your initial summer get away. Some of you will be familiar with some of the tracks here notably the first one. If you've seen Pulp Fiction, you'll know what i'm talking about. Dick Dale is considered the "King of Surf Guitar". Ramon Jacinto may have gotten some cues on this man. No question, Dick Dale is awesome and sharp. Another one is by Hepcat, one of Los Angeles' finest and technically superior ska band. Featured in this playlist also is The Surfaris from Glendora, California, they are best known for the best instrumental in 1963 "Wipeout" and is often regarded as the surfing anthem. Chantays "Pipeline" which was released in 1962 is another treat for you guys. The band was started by five high school friends at Santa Ana High School in California, when they were inspired by a local group called The Rhythm Rockers. The Ventures music has been cited by many famed guitarists as an influence; indeed, their virtuosity, experimentation with guitar effects, and unique sound laid the groundwork for innumerable groups, earning them the moniker "The Band that Launched a Thousand Bands". They have also contributed to the surf music genre, though they are not, as popularly perceived, strictly a surf band. Again, you'd also think of Ramon Jacinto in this one. There's also The Cocktails Preachers version of the Clash original "Rudie Can't Fail". Nice cover in my opinion, it's something different I say. The Trashmen is more of a garage rock band but their single "Surfin Bird" made and placed them on the charts. This song was also used on Stanley Kubrick's movie "Full Metal Jacket". This playlist will not be strictly all about surf music, there are some ska , reggae, some afro cuban cuts and acid jazz. It is a hodge podge of good ol' beach/pool and party music. Enjoy and have a beer!

Radio Blogcast #21

Miserlou - Dick Dale and the Del-Tones
No Worries - Hepcat
Wipeout - The Surfaris
Chantay's - Pipeline
Walk , Don't Run - The Ventures
Rudie Can't Fail - The Cocktail Preachers
Surfin' Bird - The Trashmen
Beach Party - Annette

Devil's Martini - Dynotones
Surf Rider - The Lively ones
Sumo Wrestler - El Caminos
All Night - Damian Marley
Day Tripper - Mongo Santamaria
Aguas De Marzo - Arturo Sandoval
Goldfinger (part II) - Jimmy Smith
Drink the Money, Don't Go - See Spot
Belly Rubbin' - The Stingers ATX
Crucial Vibes - Dub Steet Rockers
Happy - Bad Manners
Free Love - Long Beach Dub All Stars
DJs - Sublime
Man in the Street - The Skatalites
Fatty Fatty Boom Boom - Westbound Train featuring Alex Desert

Download the playlist here:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

next week

Folks, we will post new materials and articles next week. standby and keep the faith

Francis Magalona RIP

I've been a fan of Francis Magalona since his Bagets days. That was during the 80's folks, when break dancing was one of the norms all around the world. I was in third grade i think. It was in the early 90's when he released his album Yo! that made him what he is today until his death - "The King of Pinoy Rap". You have to respect the man for planting the seeds of hip-hop in the country and inspired all the rap artist in the country and some amboy rappers in the US.

My bandmate and friend Rudebong texted me about the news. He was able to watch the announcement made by Vic Sotto in Eat Bulaga this afternoon. Texted some musician friends about the news to confirm it and true enough, Kiko has passed away. This post may not be related to anything that we post here but i think it is valid enough for this one. We lost a good artist, musician and friend and he will be always remembered as "The King" and he will go down in our musical history as one of the best.

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