Sunday, May 9, 2010


Another wonderful set from The Style Council. This is a direct soundboard recording thus resulting in a very good overall sound. You know the drill ladies and gents.

(Mick Talbot, Dee C. Lee & Paul Weller. Drummer Steve White not present)

1. Big Boss Groove
2. Shout To The Top
3. See The Day
4. With Everything to Lose
5. Down in the Siene
6. Mick's Up
7. Our Favorite Shop
8. Homebreakers
9. A Stone's Throw Away
10. My Ever Changing Moods
11. It Just Came to Pieces In My Hands
12. Walls Come Tumbling Down
13. Long Hot Summer
14. When You Call Me
15. Luck
16. Move On Up
17. You're The Best Thing
18. Money Go Round / Streght of Your Nature
19. Internationalist