Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WELCOME TO THE PUNJABI SHOW......Neighbors 4th and final release

This is not the actual cover of the EP. Infos and story, soon to follow. This will do for now. 3 songs are in Tagalog*, the default dialect here in the Philippines.

1. Because
2. Sana'y Alam Mo Na*
3. Dreams
4. Hardin*
5. Tanong Lang*

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Angono Ska Explosion, Zoom Records 2000

(Produced By Neighbors and Rhanny Torres. Recorded and mixed at Cinematix Studios May 2000)
(Sound Engineer by Jess Felix. Art Direction and Concept by Allan "Skunk" Alcantara. Additional photos and concept by Jon Capistrano, Bong Termulo and Gabby Rojas. Layout Artist - Pike Sison)

Angono Ska Explosion
Dahil Sa'yo
Back To School, Forward March
Big Thursday
Dancing Mood
Can't You See
Clarence Thomas
Stop Making Love
Sound Sharp
The Clockworks

From Parquet To Concrete, Die Happy! Records 2002

(Tracks 1-3 Produced by Rhanny Torres. Recorded at Pink Noise recording Studios, August 2001. Sound Engineer - Jeff Felix)
(Tracks 4-8 Produced by Neighbors. Recorded at Cinematix Studios July 2002. sound Engineer - Jess Felix)
(~ Vocals by Penny Miranda. ^Prof. Lucio D. San Pedro, National Artist for Music. Arranged by Neighbors. *Alto Saxophone solo by Fredie Frends courtesy of The Brownbeat All Stars)
(Cover Art and Photography by Allan "Skunk" Alcantara. Band Illustrations by Herbert Pinpino. Field Sound technician John William Villamarin)

Simbang Gabi*
Come On
With You
No Regrets
The Look of Love~


Trojan Sound Sytem is a journey through the history of reggae, picking out the best and most universally understood elements of the music, the genre's constant relevance and reality, combined with sweet singing and wonderful songs. The album has been given a sound system flavour in order to give the listener an impression of how the music was originally heard and the culture it came from. Sound effects and Sound System MC's performing add something entirely authentic and unique within the world of compilations. The artists on the compilation: The Heptones, Johnny Clarke, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Johnny Osbourne, Ritchie Spice represent the greatest talent to come from Jamaica and the songs chosen for the compilation represent their best work. Groundbreaking tracks like Bob Marley's "Soul Rebel", Dennis Brown's "Revolution" And Harry J's "Liquidator" pepper the tracklist, together with equally good but lesser known tracks from the reggae world. The Trojan MC's contributions add to mix and the whole is surely one of the best and truest representations of reggae ever made.

01. Melody Maker - Hudson, Keith
02. Liquidator - Harry J & The All Stars
03. Through The Fire I Come - Heptones
04. False Leaders - Davis, Ronnie
05. I Love Marijuana - Thompson, Linval
06. Peace And Love In The Ghetto - Clarke, Johnny (1)
07. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - Rose, Michael
08. Land Of Love - Sons Of Light
09. Laser Beam - Carlos, Don
10. Revolution - Brown, Dennis
11. Soul Rebel - Marley, Bob & The Wailers
12. Marijuana - Spice, Richie
13. Everything Is Everything - Osbourne, Johnny
14. Now Wey Better Than Yard (Nowhere Better Than Yard) - Admiral Bailey
15. Police And Thieves - Murvin, Junior
16. Rudy, A MessageTo You - Various Artists.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Neighbors 14th Anniversary Gig

Tell your friends. See you there.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Neighbors also known as The Angono Boys, a local ska band from Angono, Rizal is celebrating it's 14th year anniversary this month. many things have changed since it's formation but the band is still staying true and planted to their roots, their hometown of Angono. They may have toned down a bit image wise, leaning on the more casual look and phase but the heart and passion is still the same. We will give you 2 tunes recorded by the band for a local cable tv station here in the Philippines. The recordings are used as the station I.D. for Jack T.V.
Basically, the tunes are adaptations of songs from a 3rd wave ska band from the U.S.
I forgot the name and the original titles of the songs though. This was also the very last recording the band made before disbanding in April of 2007.

(photos were taken on one of the regular ska nights with Put3ska at the old Club Dredd circa 1997)

1. Jack TV Station I.D. No.1
2. Jack TV Station I.D. No.2

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Wailers - Simmer Down at Studio 1

The original Wailers was a ska, rocksteady and reggae group that was formed in Kingston, Jamaica in 1963. The group consisted of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Beverly Kelso, Junior Braithwaite and Cherry Smith. This album contains their ska, R&B and Gospel inspired outputs on the legendary label Studio 1 of Coxsone Dodd. Bob Marley is a big fan of the American group and of Curtis Mayfiled and once said that The Wailers were the Jamaican counterpart of The Impressions. The Skatalites were the house band of Studio 1 during the ska years. After The Skatalites disbanded, ex-Skatalite Roland Alphonso and the Soul Vendors were used in some recordings. They have backed up The Wailers on the songs "Simmer Down", "Amen", "Diamond Baby", "Playboy", "Hooligans", "Love and Affection" and the original version of "One Love". The Los Angles CA ska band Hepcat did a very good rendition of "Hooligans" on their "Out of Nowhere" cs released by Moon Records and have been re-issued by Hellcat Records of Tim Armstrong of the punk band Rancid. They were called variously The Teenagers, The Wailing Rudeboys, The Wailing Wailers, and finally The Wailers.
"This Train," recorded in 1966, kicks off the album, but the rest of the set proceeds in chronological order, beginning with the group's debut 1963 single and first Jamaican hit, "Simmer Down," and ending with 1965's sweet-as-honey "Love and Affection." This is a far different group from that which began to emerge into international stardom in the reggae age.

01. This Train
02. Simmer Down
03. I am Going Home
04. Do You Remember
05. Mr. Talkative
06. Habits
07. Amen
08. Go Jimmy Go
09. Teenager In Love
10. I Need You
11. It Hurts To Be Alone
12. True Confessions
13. Lonesome Feeling
14. There She Goes
15. Diamond Baby
16. Playboy
17. Wheres The Girl For Me
18. Hooligan
19. One Love
20. Love And Affection

Friday, August 7, 2009


"Jonny Greenwood is The Controller" is a compilation album by Jonny Greenwood, lead guitarist of Radiohead. The album culls Greenwood's favorite reggae and dub songs from the vaults of Trojan Records, in honor of the label's 40th anniversary. Released on March of 2007, it coincides with Trojan's Artist Jukebox Series in Which DJ Spooky and Don Letts have already contributed. A long fan of reggae , Jonny was given access to the entire Trojan catalogue of which he chose 17 songs.I must say, this is one of the best Trojan compilation that I have listened to so far. Really Potent.
  1. Dread Are the Controller - Linval Thompson
  2. Let Me Down Easy - Derrick Harriot
  3. I'm Still in Love (12" mix) - Marcia Aitken
  4. Never Be Ungrateful (12" mix) - Gregory Isaacs
  5. Bionic Rats - Lee "Scratch" Perry
  6. Cool Rasta - The Heptones
  7. "Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker" - Scieintist & Prince Jammy & The Roots Radics
  8. Black Panta - Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters
  9. Fever - Junior Byles
  10. Beautiful and Dangerous - Desmond Dekker and The Aces
  11. Dread Dub (It Dread Out Deh Version) - Lloyd's All Stars
  12. Gypsy Man - Marcia Grifiths
  13. A Ruffer Version - Johnny Clark & The Aggrovators
  14. Right Road to Dubland (Right Road to Zion Dub) - The Jahlights
  15. Dreader Locks - Junior Byles & Lee Perry
  16. This Life Makes Me Wonder - Delroy Wilson
  17. Clean Race - Scotty