Friday, May 24, 2013


We have not posted anything new for so long. we have been very busy but we still keep in touch with friends and bands from all over to be featured here. don't worry we wil posting new material s soon.

The EastScooter Boys, The Vespa Club of The Philippines and local Piaggio, Vespa and Aprilla distributor Granstar will give you the 7th Angono Scooter Jamboree. One of the anticipated scooter rally in this part of the world. A brand new custom painted Vespa LX150ie will be raffled plus other scooter gears and minor prizes. it will be held tomorrow May 25th at the Scrapyard Resort. Food, booze, live music and brotherhood will flow. Nyte in Tunesia, The Go Signals and Neighbors will provide live and blasting mod, rock and ska music for everyone. Nuff said! See you there!

map going to the site
event poster

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